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Walton Family Foundation

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Founded in 1983, Recreation Engineering and Planning (REP) is based in Boulder, CO and has become the country’s leader in dam modification, whitewater parks and riverside design and restoration.  In our 27 years in the business, we have been responsible for more than 80 in-stream design projects—more than 80% of all the whitewater parks in North America.  Our work varies in size from small projects where we are tasked with designing a single play wave, to large dam modifications, to  environmental restoration and fish passage.   REP's success stems from our unique designs and our understanding that all rivers are as unique as the communities they flow through.  We believe that the river should integrate itself with the community that surrounds it and that every park should be designed to meet the needs of the entire community. We design parks that combine public safety, recreation,  and environmental improvement using natural-appearing engineering solutions that connect communities to their river corridors.



Crist Engineers has provided professional engineering services to Arkansas municipalities, private and other clients since its inception in 1938.  During this time Crist Engineers has specialized in the planning, design, construction observation, startup, and operations assistance of municipal water supply, treatment, distribution and storage improvements, and wastewater permitting, collection, treatment, and disposal improvements.  Crist Engineers also provides general civil engineering, electrical, instrumentation and controls, telemetry, solid waste, and energy related services.



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For more than 30 years, our staff has worked in Michigan and around the country providing quality environmental services to residential, commercial, industrial, and government clients.  The company was founded in 1999 with a commitment to provide a full range of environmental contrracting services to clients with a diverse range of needs.  Success, to us, means providing the services that our clients need when they need them.

To better support our customers, we have added capabilities with each passing year through training, equipment purchases, and hiring skilled personnel. Our services bridge the gap between pure consulting and pure contracting, combining the best of both to maximize the value we produce for our customers.

Our customer base is every bit as diverse as our customers. As is common in environmental contracting, many of our customers are governments. We have served the Federal Government, State of Michigan, City of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, and numerous other local governments. We have worked for developers and general contractors, including work under federal grants. We have numerous private clients including automotive manufacturers, tier 1 automotive suppliers, bulk petroleum distributors, and waste oil processors. Our customers often invite us back in recognition of the quality of our work.



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The Arkansas Canoe Club is a recreational organization consisting of over 600 member households representing seven chapters in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. ACC Members love to paddle the rivers, streams, bayous and lakes of The Natural State and beyond.

Regardless of whether you are new to canoeing, kayaking or rafting or if you are a veteran, you will be among friends in the Arkansas Canoe Club. 

We are dedicated to participating in and promoting the sport of paddling by holding paddling schools and clinics, whitewater rescue courses, river cleanups and being active in conservation and river access issues..but most of all WE HAVE A LOT OF FUN!!



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The Illinois River Watershed Partnership is a diverse group of men and women who directly affect the water quality of the Illinois River Watershed. Our mission is to improve the integrity of the Illinois River through public education and community outreach, water quality monitoring, and the implementation of conservation and restoration practices throughout the Illinois River Watershed.